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On the sticks...
Rowan 29 Moonbeam
Rebecca 24 Scarf with Eyelet Pattern
Rowan 27 Strike
Clapotis II
Hot off the sticks...
Rebecca 19 Mottled Sweater
Rowan Audrey
Bunny III
Debbie Bliss Lara
Rowan Big Wool Chrissie
Rowan 30 Flo
Clapotis by Kate Gilbert
Sirdar Denim Ultra pattern 2085
Debbie Bliss Junior Knits Molly
scarfStyle Turtleneck Shrug by Teva Durham
Waiting in the wings...
Rowan 33 Misty
Debbie Bliss Baby Style
Nellie the Sheep

Froggy Knits
What shoud I knit next?
Wanna trade?
Finish me already!
Wanna knit/do list
(1) cables
(2) socks
(3) knit stash yarn
(4) intarsia, fair isle and/or stripes
(5) knitalong in moderation
(6) zipper
(7) lace
(8) read knit books
(9) knit backwards
(10) combined knitting
(11) short rows
(12) knit ufo
(13) knit toys
I'm working on it...

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