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August 31, 2004

Could my favorite color

Check out my new love....

Do you see the emphasis in the size of this pic, lol!
First up in green we have this ribby number. Any ideas what this is? Could it be another Audrey (nope)? It's my first sweater using Rowan All Seasons Cotton and wow is it great! I love the springiness (is that a word?). I'm knitting it in size 6 addi's and it just heavenly to knit with. The color is Fern (ribby pic is not such a good color representation here). This is a little bit better
The fate of the minisweater is unclear at that moment, but I do know that I have to get rid of that nasty light stripe from one of the skeins of Manos. I thought I could live with it, but I can't. Did you see it? It's a skein that is smack in the middle of the sweater including the arms. I'm not that crazy about it. So of course in froggy fashion, I have to at least start with that. So I have decided to knit the Everyday Cardigan with the Manos (I'm big on pictures and I can't tell you how much I don't like getting a blurry, not in focus color pic on the pattern. It's not scan worthy.) I'm using bamboo straight in US 6 for the body and US 5 for the ribs. I may not rip the minisweater entirely until I run out of Manos from my stash. I just want to get to that stripe so I can set that skein aside. Maybe I'll use it for a hat or something.

Here's the beginning of a sleeve.
Instead of ripping, I am just going to knit from the minisweater.
And in other shades of green we have the sleeves of the Flounce jacket.

And because it's green, I had to share this necklace I made (and I am using the word made loosely). I just strung the beads, really. But inspired by Mariko's beautiful pieces, I decided to share a little jewelry, too. My mini was quick to put it on when I needed a model. Mariko is always working on something fantastic! I just didn't know one person could have so many talents!

I also love the clasp.

Now to a big NO NO!

Glamour, Vanity Fair, and Lucky, oh my!
Just a couple of magazines you say. But at a GREAT price. I didn't know that the Price Club had magazines. I know they have cheap books, but I just couldn't pass this up. Three fashion mags for $8 bucks (and I know it may as write $9 but I am trying to help my case). I gave up fashion mags for knitting mags except for the occasional international fashion mags which are pretty hard to find near me. Now to what makes this bad. I am MAD about mags like you wouldn't have guessed. When I lived in NYC I worked at and ad agency and had 300+ mags at my fingertips on a daily basis and was just addicted to them. Couldn't even believe my job was work. And I appreciated them then, but when I moved did I miss them. Never realized how expensive it would be to continue when it was no longer a job requirement. You can rack up quite a bill. So I just gave them up cold turkey. Cause I just can't buy one. And I KNOW that. I hope this isn't the start of a downward spiral.
And isn't this cute!

Saw this in the latest Victoria's Secret Catalog. I actually just got home from Macy's and I think I saw this exact one. It was at the same price point and fiber content too. Gotta knit me up one of those. In green of course.

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August 29, 2004

Not exactly my idea of a rip-roaring good time

Here are a few projects that need a little more attention.
At this point I have abandoned all Olympic knitting in the future.
We'll start with the mini sweater.

In my can't take my eyes off the tv during the Olympics trance, I have knit too far. It is now too long and too wide for some reason. However, I am lovin' the color and I actually like the fit, just not for the minisweater. Now that I look back it looked a little big here too. I have thought of ripping the last inch or so and knitting straight down to make a cardigan. I love the way 50 stitches just became the back, sleeves, and front panels. Its just not tight enough to pull of the minisweater look (or is this how the boobholder looks on the boobless, lol) I don't want to rip yet until I can identify exactly where I went wrong, but I am thinking at this point that I would prefer the look of a variegated yarn over the solid. I actually have enough manos to make a full cardigan, so may I just reknit this in something else. Oh well. The button falls well below its intended position and unless I want to consider this to be the ballerina inspired look, I better reknit.

Now to orange you mad. Now that I ripped the top I decided to reevaluate the body of the sweater to reduce bulkiness (if that's possible). I think its a tad too roomy. So orange you glad to orange you mad is now Back to square one on that one.

And then there's Grace...Grace....Grace.
Look at this tragedy. Luckily a little ripping down an inch or so on a couple of pieces will remedy most of this drama. Surprisingly this ripfest only has me a little down. But I could still use a little cheering up.

So there's only one thing to do. START SOMETHING ELSE.
click photo for larger image

hmmmm, what should you knit with mom?

I just love how Point 5 knits up. Check out the toscano swatch for the flounce trimmed jacket. Here is the beginning of the back.

click photo for larger image
This wool really got me thinking about winter clothing. Coincidentally a JCREW catalog arrived in the mail. I just love this wool coat. And in my favorite color too! I also need a transition suit, so I am hoping that this lightweight wool twill suit will help me ease into my winter gear.
Also in the mail was this " Tendances" - Automne/Hiver 2004-2005

click photos for larger image
Here are a few of my favs. And I must say that I am more interested in the construction of these than the overall look. The first pick is knit in two pieces from sleeve to middle(and I just love that cap). The second has an overlay piece to be stitched over the sweater. Not sure I will take this route in completing this sweater, but it does look cool. Here's another color with a closer view. And I just love the mixture of yarns used for the last one in colors that I would not typically wear, but I love the look of it with the different textures mixed together. I may even try those exact colors.

Oh, Phildar, so much to love! I have yet to see a mag I don't like. And I just can't wait to get my hands on " Tendances " - Hiver 2004-2005. You can't always see the details of the sweater in those size pics, but Phildar never lets me down. I know I won't be disappointed.

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August 26, 2004

up to my neck in audrey

What do you think? Does she need a collar, lol?

Recently inspired by Julia and Eilene, I have begun to work on Audrey again. I know you have seen them already, but I just can't stop admiring the wonderful pics and the way they worked those darts so beautifully. I have worked on the lace a little bit. And why is there not a pic? Because I can't get past the third repeat. Guess lace and the Olympics do not mix. Not very conducive to lacework(even on such a small scale). By the time I look down to check my work, I have yarnforwards, *yarnfronts and yarn all over the place and have to rip back to the beginning 'cause I can't figure out how to tink my way out of it. My first attempt at lace was not a success, but was pretty hilarious to say the least. Thank goodness it only involved 12 stitches. Guess I have a ways to go before I try Charlotte's Web Shawl, lol. Believe me I know I have to knit up to that project. But I am I determined to get that collar completed. I'll have to set some time aside that is a bit more lace friendly, lol.

I've come to the conclusion that I don't really just knit. I knit and watch tv, knit and blog, knit and chat, you get the picture. I just think that the knit coupling has prevented me from knitting up. I want to knit from a wide range of patterns (ranging in level of difficulty). I'll have to revisit this after I finish some more projects that are already in motion. I want to really outline my knitting goals so to speak.

And for Eilene and Anita I have included another pic of Alex.

And thanks so much for the wonderful comments about Paris Loop and Alex. I actually didn't model Alex 'cause she seemed a bit, how do we say....boring. Shhh... don't want her to hear. Maybe it was the fact that I was lovin' the loop d' loop texture so much that I just couldn't properly give the Rowan Wool Cotton the attention it so properly deserves. But it is a nice basic sweater to have which I have wanted for a while and now that I have tried her on again, I am really taking a liking to the Rowan Wool Cotton. Very soft and drapey. I may just keep this on for a little bit.

*and about those yfrn's... are they just yfwd's and that would be yo's that are placed before purl stitches. and wouldn't you bring the yarn to the front if you were about to purl anyway so it would really just be a yfwd or yo. does that make any sense? if not, disregard this note, lol. (i think i may have just confused myself) yfrn is not defined in my mag. ~help~.

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August 24, 2004

Paris Loop & Alex

Pattern: MagKnits Paris Loop by Stefanie Japel
Suggested Yarn: Gedifra Cicco
Yarn Used: Gedifra Cicco color 5844
Pattern Needles:17,13,9
Needle Size Used: US 15, 11, 8 circular needles
Pattern Guage: 12 sts and 20 rows over 4 cm , 14 sts and 24 rows over 4 cm, 16 sts and 28 rows over 4 cm
Actual Guage: didn't check it, just went for it
Ok, I have worn this more times than some of the sweaters I have knit. It just goes everywhere with me. You know those air-conditioned spots that are too cool for daily wear for too warm for a sweater. Well they are JUST right for Paris Loop. What I like most is the fact that you don't have to remove it when you want use the computer, write or just do daily tasks. It falls at just the right spot that keeps you from taking it off which is what I have to do with my ponchos all the time. So there you have it: Fabulous designer, great pattern, can't go wrong.
And yes I had to go there. Inspired by Alison.

And then there's Alex

Pattern: Rowan Magazine 31
Suggested Yarn: Rowan Wool Cotton
Yarn Used: Rowan Wool Cotton 902
Needle Size: US 5 & 3
Gauge: 22 sts/4" in St st
The only modification I made was to the neck. I shortened a bit from the pattern pic. It was a little high for me and I ran out the yarn for the ball I was using and didn't feel like joining a new one, lol. It is a straightforward and very easy pattern. But I did find the raglan decreases to be a little more decorative than the usual. In the past I have worked with knit stitches at the join and not purl stitches. I didn't adjust the length and it hits me right at the waist (guess I have a short torso, but I actually prefer it at that length). Whenever I tend to lengthen pieces, they turn out too long, so this one turned out just right for my liking.

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August 21, 2004

Swatches and Mags

This week in swatches:
klaralundswatch.gif miniswtrswatch.gif copaswatch.gif
L to R: Noro Silk Garden color 84, Manos del Uruguay color 68, and Phildar Copacabana color 04

The Silk Garden is for my Klaralund. And it's just a swatch. OK, so it's a big swatch. But it was all in the name of getting gauge. Sometimes it takes more than a 4x4 to be sure. It's not like I was starting early, he he. That's all I'm knitting until kick-off.

UPDATE:Forgot that one reason I swatched was because I got a few emails inquiring whether or not I could get gauge and if so what needes I used. I used addis 4.0 mm. (I know I knit loose, lol) And that silk garden must love addis 'cause it knits up with the greatest of ease.

And the Copa is for this tank and I have used a size 6 instead of the suggested 8-10. I usually go down 1-2 sizes on a regular basis, so I will probably cast on a little less than the pattern states too. Claudia tipped me off that this yarn can streeeeetch more than you could imagine. The needles and stitch count modification should help with that.
Thanks Claudia.

The Manos is for the minisweater. Once I made it up to the try-on stage, I quickly transferred it to scrap yarn for the first fitting.

And I finally received my Rowan 36

click pics to enlarge
I love the cover pic and my favorite sweater is Lisette. What a beautiful sweater that I will never have. Knit on 2-3 needles (and remember I usually have to go down in needle sizes from the suggested needle size) and with Rowan 4 ply soft at 28 sts/10cm, I don't think I will be knitting this sweater any....time... soon. But I do love it! I even thought about making it a year-long sweater, but sometimes my quick knits turn into year-longs, lol.
Check out the new Jane Ellison Noro Book 2

click pics to enlarge
These are my favs. I have seen the cover pic in progress and it is just gorgeous. I love the red colorway, but the other two sweaters will definitely be knit in a brighter noro shade for me. I picked it up at Knit Happens. And along with that a Rowan for Liberty mag.

click pics to enlarge
I just love the Blue Flower Jacket by Kaffe Fassett on the left.
Maybe one day my intarsia skills will be ready for the challenge.
Thanks Kristine!

I also got a couple of free trial issues lately. They were Creative Knitting and Knit 'n Style. They weren't mags I would buy, but they would warrant a quick flip through if I saw them at a shop or book store. But with soooo many books and mags coming out this fall, I am trying to make each book worth the buy.

Also received my Anthropologie in the mail. And I just love the sweater pic above and here's a color view that shows a bit more detail and another little cardi I like.

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August 16, 2004

Orange you to glad to orange you mad!

The cold snap (or not so warm snap) we had really got me thinking about fall. I started the Green Ribbed Sweater from Rebecca Nr. 20. I am kniting it in GGH Zermatt Color 08. Check out these 35 (20mm) double points I used for the neck. I love the sparkles. A really big game of pick up sticks, lol. Zermatt was knitting up at an amazing pace. At 4 stitches/10cm how could it not.

Orange you glad!
With only one arm to go, I was quite proud of my ablility to pick up around the neck while keeping the rib pattern. Then I noticed that I didn't have much yarn left. I thought I had 2 extra balls. Hmmm. Maybe it will be close. I was carrying around a b/w photo so the detail was not so clear on the copy. I pulled out the book. Wait a minute, does the ribbing turn into stockinette stitch at the armhole? Lets find a better pic. Yep, it does. Got ahead of myself....again! This is a much better pic in the back with the german instructions. I know I shouldn't harp on the pic, but I don't think the translation ever says to change to stockinette stitch. So I had to rip the arm since I picked up and knit down. And here I am at "orange you mad", lol! I actually prefer the sweater as with the stockinette. I'll have to look back and see just where I missed the change to St. st. so that doesn't happen again (Though I know it will). For some reason, I find this hilarious at the moment. And the sweater probably won't have that Michelin-man feel to it either when I remove the ribbing from the front and back above the armholes. But that's why is always good to have other projects going. Here's my Paris Loop so far.

This picture shows the yarn true to color, but here is a better view without the camera strap and lens cap dangling in front.
Its funny how with three projects waiting in the wings so close to completion, I manage to knit almost another garmet in order to avoid finishing. I could have finished any of these three in the time it took me to knit "orange you glad/mad", lol. (I have to admit I thought it was odd to have a neck picked up and knit in ribbing with a ribbed sweater. That should have tipped me off.)

Paris loop, Alex, and Audrey
click photo for close-up
Paris Loop is pretty close to bind-off, Alex just needs the ends worked in and minimal seaming, and Audrey is just waiting on the last piece to be completed and the lace collar (guess not so close on that one). Here is a close-up pic of Audrey. I worked back with inc/dec a few stitches from the seam and liked it so much I ripped the front and knit it the same way. I've really been living out Wendy's manifesto, and now I feel worthy of being among good company.
I just love knitting whatever I want when I want.

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August 12, 2004

I'm seeing red

I've always liked red and this is some Gedifra Cicco. I have just been going through my stash and never realized just how much I have. And after seeing Alison's latest FO which is the fabulous Paris Loop created by Stefanie, I had to break out the Cicco and get knittin'. Thanks to Amy, I was able to snag a great deal. However, I have so much red I could have gone for another color. Amy's Paris Loop looks marvelous in that color! Stefanie chose a really interesting yarn that I would not have tried if it had not been for her pattern. I am really enjoying it and the texture is new for me. It takes a little getting used to, but is worth it. And her minisweater is on my list as well. Her photos are just gorgeous! Love her patterns. And also in red is the finished Jo Sharp hat from Jo Sharp Book Two. I'm seeing cables in my knitting future. Thought I would warm up with a hat. Red is so hard to capture without a sunny day to help out, but the rain has brought in some cooler weather so I am HAP...PY. When the sun makes an appearance, I'll have to take more photos.

So I was also seeing a little bit of orange too. Pulled out this Rebecca sweater from Magazine 20. It was a little cool last night and I felt inspired to pull out the wool. And yes those are 20mm. US 35's. Big yarn, big needles and a quick knit. More on the ribbed sweater later.

And to throw in another color, here's a little blue as I finished the back of Audrey. And I assure you its the back and not a sleeve, though they are only slightly different in size, lol. Now that a cool breeze has finally blown through my town again I am feeling a very knit filled weekend coming on. Have a good one!

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August 09, 2004

A little bit of everything...

We heart.gif Kerrie!
I received a wonderful package packed with lots of goodies from Kerrie. Wonderful yarn in a variety of colors and textures. And I have not had the opportunity to work with ANY of them so I'm quite thrilled. All of them are Colinette yarns. Yummy!
click photos for close-ups

L to R: Wigwam, Prism, Graffiti, Mohair, 1Zero
And buttons to boot (among other cute beads, toggles and more)!

So much for picking yarn for patterns. I'll be picking yarn to go with these great buttons! Couldn't have picked out better ones myself!

And check out the fabric! It was pretty hard to pry the pieces out of my mini's hands to even take a photo. Especially the heart fabric.

And gotta love this one!

Thanks Kerrie!

Think all that colinette led me to my latest mag buy...

When I originally fell in love with these patterns I knew I had enough in stash to make one of them. However, when I got home and pulled out my stash color, I realized that I may have fallen in love with the colors moreso than the patterns. Didn't have the impact I was swooning for in the store when I visualized them in this color. It's color 102 Pierro. I do like it a lot. Just not for those sweaters. I am committed to the stash and this is the color I will be using next. I remember seeing this sweater at xtreme knitting. The pattern pic pales in comparison to her fabulous version in her finished project gallery. It's a must see! That's it! Gotta find that pattern. Hope the yarn requirements play nice with what's in my stash. Love that jacket!

On the finishing front (and that would be a small front) here's the chenille washcloth.

Not so crazy about working with the chenille, though blocking helped its overall appearance. The yarn was kind of a slight thick and thin when I finished. I'll be doing another in chenille only 'cause I have a skein in blue in stash and it's such great pattern. A must knit in yarn of choice. And that would be Alex underneath it waiting to be seamed and to have the neck picked up and finished off as well. I think I may throw myself a Becky style finishing party. I'll have to decide on an oh so inspiring movie and get to it. (Aren't you just tired of hearing about that sweater? I am, lol.)

And have made a little bit more progress on Audrey's back or front (depending on which piece I like better). The top will be worked as defined by pattern and the bottom with increases on the side two stitches in. Don't know where exactly this is going, but I'm enjoying it at this point just the same.

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August 06, 2004

Thanks Alison!

Way back in February I fell in love with a magazine that I saw over at
super eggplant. Mariko has already shown us best pics, but I just have to celebrate these great patterns again. This is the mag that started it all. My love for Japanese patterns and ever since I have been looking for this book without any success.

But thanks to Alison I can see the pics first hand! I thought this mag was no longer attainable a while back and I am sooooo grateful that Alison sent it to me.
click photos for close-ups

I love the cover sweater and the flowers on the sleeveless are just fantastic.

Very cute and easy enough to follow schematics and charts.

These little numbers should be pretty easy to recreate. My mini and I have already run to Joanns for buttons for her head and wristband and I have some odds and ends that are very similar in color and texture to maybe make some scarves. And of course there will be a matching wrist and headband for her dolly.

In knitting news or need to be blocking news Alex has been sitting around in pieces for about a week. I just need to block and seam her and she'll be ready to go. Also inching for space in the blocking zone is the little pink Debbie Bliss cashmerino bag and the flower washcloth. I guess the weekend will include a lot of jumping over and maneuvering around available carpet space.

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August 03, 2004

Too hot to knit!

It's been just a scorcher lately and it hasn't help that my air conditioner decided to take a summer vacation along with everyone else. I could tell it on its way out and called to schedule a maintenance check (you know its a problem when the thermostat is set for low 70's and its in the mid to upper 80's) so I really haven't done a lot of knitting in the past week or so. Then on Friday the air just took off altogether. Guess it was trying to beat the weekend traffic. But yesterday it was repaired so now I can complain and celebrate in one post.
There is a little progress though. My washcloth has grown a few more petals. Once the batteries charge up on the camera, I'll have a bit more progress to report.

And the cable hat is coming along pretty well.

Well until this. I was pulling the thread through the last few stiches and the yarn just snapped. I was pulling pretty hard. This is the first time I have worked with tweed so I don't know if its the yarn or I just need to be more careful.
Was also able to work on Audrey. I knit about this much up twice. Once as the pattern states and another using a sub stitch and with both looking exactly the same. That'll teach me to swatch it out next time and not use the garment to experiment.

Here are the left side decreases and her are the right side decreases. I don't know about this. I think I am going to put this on a holder and knit the front working the decreases on the side. I do like the look of Becky's continuous ribs. Don't know what I will do when I get to the dart area but I guess I'll see when I get there.

And while organizing my knitting mags I found this poncho pic that I ripped out of some catalog. If anyone knows which one, just let me know and I will give credit. I think it is Nordstrom, but I am not sure. I think its an interesting spin on the poncho.

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August 02, 2004

Thanks Mindy!

I loooove mags (if you haven't noticed) and I just received one of my favorites (Japanese knitting mags)! It's rare that I even run across them, but thanks to Mindy I now have another.
click photos for close-ups

Here are a couple of my favorite sweaters.

I am lovin' the texture and sleeves on the red sweater and the oversized neck on the right sweater is too cute. There is also a bag and scarf set that is just overflowing with great colors!

And as if I needed inspiration to go back to NYC. Included was this beautiful postcard. Check it out!

Brooklyn Bridge, 1987
Photo by Genevieve Hafner

Many, many times after reading Mindy's entries, I am compelled to go the New York Times to check out the real estate and job market sections. Oh, how I miss NYC.

And wait there is more! I don't know if you've noticed but I have a thing for frogs. Mindy sent me a cd with the Frog Chorus on it. Froggy sounds that I never even realized they made. So interesting. I wish I could share a sound bite with you. While listening I couldn't help picturing these guys. A while back I went to the aquarium and saw this cute little guy

and on my most recent trip to the zoo ran into our snack buddy.

My mini and I know its time to stop for a snack break when we this little guy coming up around the bend.

Thanks, thanks, and more thanks! What a treat. As much as I appreciate the mag, post card, and the magnificent frog chorus, what I appreciate the most is the thoughtfulness behind them!

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August 01, 2004

Rowan Books

Just received my Rowan International renewal information and gift yarn with pattern. I wish it would have included the new Rowan 36. Kerrie and Anita have already received their copies and have picked out some great patterns for their to-knit list. I also can't wait to get my hands on Ribbon Twist Collection, Vintage Style and Big Just Got Bigger too!

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