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May 28, 2004

Miss Bea's Dressing Up

There's daywear...
Meet Tinkerbell

Project Specs:
Pattern: Tinkerbell Sweater from Miss Bea's Dressing Up
Suggested Yarn:Rowan All Seasons Cotton
Yarn Used: Lion Brand Cotton-Ease
Needle Size: US 7
Gauge: 17sts/4in

And then there's my favorite.. dressing up.

Why yes, its another /weblog/archives/SpringKnit_UpButton.jpg. Remember me?

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May 27, 2004

Spring Fling Again

Take 2 (SNAP!)

Another /weblog/archives/SpringKnit_UpButton.jpg. Remember me?
Alison's spring fling tank is back!

Project Specs:
Pattern: Alison's spring fling tank
Suggested Yarn:GGH Esprit
Yarn Used: GGH Esprit (color 13)
Needle Size: US 9 & 10
Gauge: approx. 2.5 st./in

Just want to mention a few things I love about this pattern (and I could go on and on 'cause there is a lot to love). For starters it has triggered an appreciation for the not so usual yarn. I probably would have never touched that yarn. It has been sitting in my stash for ages and now I just love it and am not so fearful of trying new textures. I also loved the all in one piece method(no seaming, woohoo!). Not to mention the bend over without worry neckline and armholes which allow you to reach high minus the bra show. And, you can wear a regular bra with straps and all, not the let me find which bra will work with this tank bra.

Can you tell how much I enjoyed this pattern?
Thanks Alison!

More on Take One coming soon...

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May 26, 2004

Audrey Sleeves Completed

Finished up Audrey sleeves.

click photo for close-up
Audrey has inspired new admiration for the color blue.
Check out my slippers.
Is that a knit stitch down the center?

click photo for close-up
I have been trying to lean toward colors other than green and red. 50% off blue calmer was enough incentive to give blue a whirl and now I'm really beginning to warm up to the color.

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May 25, 2004

Joss Sweater by Rowan

Another finished sweater I credit to the /weblog/archives/SpringKnit_UpButton.jpg.
This half-finished sweater had been sitting around since last year. Once I realized it was going to be waaay to big for my mini, I just set it aside. I had no knowledge of carrying the yarn up the side at that point. All those yarn ends weren't very inviting. It's a bit big now, but with some funky leggings, it will be good to go or at the rate she is growing it will fit this winter.

Project Specs:
Pattern: Joss from A Treasury of Rowan Knits
Suggested Yarn:Rowan Handknit DK Cotton
Yarn Used: unmarked stash handed down from relative
(I know, I don't like to read that either.)
Needle Size: US 6 & 5
Gauge: 20st/4in

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May 24, 2004

Summer Skirt

Looks like I will be rebuilding my side column. Now if only I could just remember everything I had there.

Not that I need to add anything to my current knitting basket, but I saw this skirt in the summer 2004 FCEK. I think it's kinda cute, however I am a bit puzzled about how exactly it stays up and how it stays closed. Two key things I like to know about a skirt, lol.
I like the cover sweater, too. A more practical choice for me I suppose.

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May 23, 2004

Where did it go?

I'm off to try and find my side column.

I'll be back soon.

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Where's the Candy?

You're a Caramel!! You are known for your
sweetness. You are comfortable with yourself,
and help others feel the same way about
themselves. You are generally friendly to
everyone, and believe in second chances.

Which kind of candy are you?

I always knew I was a softy.

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May 22, 2004

Sushi anyone?

Finally made it over to Whole Foods Market.
This case inspired a meal (ok, we could eat sushi anytime).
Check out my case among friends, lol.

My mini's favorite food, unagi.

She ate more sushi than I did.
Oh no, all gone!

Aww, don't worry sweetie, we'll be back for more.

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May 21, 2004

I love Sushi!

I've had this case for a bit, but have been using the smaller case that I have lately. But now with so many projects going, I need to upgrade to a larger knitting case. Boy, I have start finishing soon.
I just love sushi and I love this case!

And the flap is great.

By the way, another great case from The Organized Knitter.

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May 20, 2004

Kureyon Calzone

Hunted through my stash for just one more random kureyon skein and came up with this yummy find. I think it used to be a hat that didn't work out, but it's gonna be a bag now, baby!

click photo for close-up
I am hoping that I will be satisfied with the height of the bag after this skein and a bit of the other that I ripped out and then I can work through those handles.
Mmmmmm calzone. I think I may be heading over to Fresh Fields or is that Whole Foods now for a spinach calzone.
I just love Whole Foods Market.
Yarn to food - that would be going from one yummy goodie to another. Anyone hungry?

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May 17, 2004

Grab those buttons

Found these cute buttons on sale at Michael's. Thought I would get some for a few cardigans I have planned for my mini.

click photos for closeups

Of course here's my favorite.

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May 16, 2004

3 Skeins Down 2 Skeins RIP

Was looking at a grand finale of the booga when I realized that I would not have enough of the 2 skein combo pictured below to finish the straps. I really wasn't lookin' for a certain type of progression with the colors originally, but the kureyon color 71 has black running through it or this dark deep purple color of some sort and I didn't want to add the additional color (lighter kureyon) above that or have dramatically different straps (I am changing up the top of the bag a bit).
click photo for closeup

kureyon 71
So I decided to rip them and throw another skein in the mix and then rework the top in 1 skein of color 71 and the straps in the other.
I didn't even get a chance to take a quick photo of the 95% finished bag 'cause I didn't want to mull over my decision to rip and settle for what I knew I wasn't crazy about.
click photo for closeup

rip back to first 3 skeins
Don't really know what I am going to end up with, but I know that I want be happy with customization decisions that I make. One of my knitting goals of focus at the moment is to knit what feels right and not just note what I would change if I happen to knit this project again. The second time knit theory isn't happening as much as I anticipated, so hopefully this will make me happier with the projects the first and only time around.

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May 14, 2004

Audrey update

As you can see I finished my first Audrey sleeve.

I really love how the decreases on the sleeve knit up. However, they are recovering from my mini playing my sleeve like an accordion, but it seems to have bounced back nicely.

The trip to Sleeve Island has definitely revived Audrey. Thanks Becky!

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May 12, 2004


While thinking of what to call my blog, I looked up at one of the first gifts I received from a fellow knitter. The little frog along with all of the froggy comments I hear at sit and knits made a quick decision for me. Do I really rip as much as they say? I guess so.

Isn't it the cutest!

Rip it! Rip it!

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May 11, 2004

Audrey Sleeve

After visiting Sleeve Island, I decided to take a different approach to starting up the Audrey sweater again. I thought I would come in on the sleeve. No luck on the front or back yet, but being able to knit without ripping for more than a few rows as on the back is helping to refuel this project.

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May 10, 2004

Knitalong Addiction

My name is Froggy and I am addicted to knitalongs.

I am not seeking any kind of help or aid of any kind. Just noting the obvious.

And in light of my recent condition, I will mark this acknowledgement with the addition of a brand new button. This pattern is too cute.


Do I feel a tad bit overwhelmed? Yeah, overwhelmed with excitement! Can't wait to try intarsia again. Another great pattern and another great knitalong.

From this side view, I guess I didn't really know what a pinafore was. I just love it. Learn something new everyday.

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May 09, 2004

Happy Mother's Day!


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May 07, 2004

MD Sheep & Wool Finds

Picked up a great basket at MD Sheep & Wool that will hold everything you can purchase as well as a small child and will wipe out any unsuspecting person at the slightest tilt or turn. Oooops.

click image for closeup

Maybe I should have opted for the smaller version.

And isn't my little sheep pin cute. Had to put it on my basket.

click image for closeup

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May 06, 2004

The Flower Blooms!

Made some progress on my flower.

Want to thank Clara , Emma, Lynette and Shobhana for their helpful comments and basically the encouragement to actually try again.

click image for closeup

And here is a pic of the back. I also took a pic that think is pretty cool before I realized I should probably open the window before taking pictures.

I know there is plenty of room for improvement, but for my second try I am pretty pleased with it. Never got around to the swatch sample, but I think I may try a design on a much smaller scale for practice.

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May 05, 2004

Boogying On Up

Making some progress on my booga. Finished the base and have started on the sides with a new color.

As you can see, I am starting with the left(color 39) and will be ending with the right(color 75).

I may need another skein or so seeing that I am making my bag a bit bigger than what the pattern outlines. I'm kinda winging it at this point. Since I have used 3 different colors so far, I'm sure it won't hurt to add one more colorway.

Hopefully, it will all felt out in the end.

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May 04, 2004


Went to MD Sheep & Wool and had a great time.

It was truly Hollywood for knitters!

I was amazed at the local happenings. Spinning straight from the bunny. That was something to see.

I must say I was more excited about my celebrity sightings.

Next time I must wear my glasses and not try to look cute in my shades that need an updated prescription. While standing in line chatting it up with a few of the festivalgoers, I start talking to someone that looked extremely familiar (even with blurry vision). Once I had finally decided on my t-shirt and shifted up in line to better lighting, I realized that it was Claudia. Just as nice as I imagined she would be.

Then I walked out of the t-shirt barn and spotted a girlreaction t-shirt on Carolyn and before I could get up the nerve to say anything thing, I look up to see Leigh right behind her and then the only thing I could muster up to say was a dorky hi. Too much celebrity. I was at a total loss for words.

But I must say the best part was running into Rachael who I literally almost bumped into. I was so thrilled I forgot to pick the yarn back up that I had planned to purchase. She was just as awesome as her blog and it was quite a treat to get the opportunity to meet her after enjoying her blog for so long. And, yes there is more, Bethany was with her and so that made it twice as nice.

I wish I had spoken to them all. But with the HUGE crowd at MDS&W; if every person that enjoyed their blogs for the many reasons we know we do, stopped to tell them just how fabulous they are, they wouldn't have time to buy yarn. Maybe, next festival...

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