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July 30, 2004


Just a little preview of some mags I have recently acquired. Once I got Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Number Two, these kind of fell by the wayside for a bit.

I like the off the shoulder number and I actually wanted to knit the corsage cardi (sans corsage) when I saw it in one of the Jaeger books.

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And are these sweaters cute or what? I love the way the neck and shoulder colors differs from the bottom. And that coordinating scarf on the left is just sweet.

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Also received the latest Knitting.

For my taste, there are not any knit worthy patterns in this issue, but it is a great mag with more to offer. I really like the articles and random bits. And it just has unusual knits like this. It's not my style, but I do a great appreciation for the skill involved in its creation. And it always has some pics that inspire me. Like this hat! It's being worn in one of the pattern pics, but I love the colors and feel inclined to knit a bucket all of a sudden. I know it's not a bucket, but ever since I finished my first bucket, I have been thinking of making one for myself. I was already planning on using denim, but I really like the look of that white stripe. Maybe I'll pick up the ecru color.

Also received the latest Interweave Knits (THIS IS YOUR LAST ISSUE). I had that mad big message cover on top of the cover. Wasn't sure about renewing, but they have a lot of valuable techniques detailed in their issues. Check out that top left hand corner, Grafting Made Easy! Reminds me of this that needs to be attached to that. Maybe I should take that as a hint. Where is that sweater anyway? Once I graft the two ruffles and the usual finishing it will be done. So close yet sooo far away.

Again not too many knits for me, but I am feeling this shawl. It's small in comparison to most shawls and I am thinking I can try out lace work on a smaller scale first. There is also this sweater. I really like the rib action going on.

I also may want to knit this tank. So I picked up the Vogue Knitting Spring Summer 04 before they are all gone.

I subscribe to these mags. My Vogue Knitting was supposed to start with the Spring/Summer issue and it didn't, so I picked that one up. I usually don't buy every issue of a knitting mag, but figured I could just subscribe and receive them all for what I am paying. And of course now that I am getting them, I am not seeing enough patterns that are "me". Figures.

A sleeve and a half later....

Well, I knitted the sleeves separately for Alex and am hoping for some inspiration to finish them. What is it with sleeves?

Posted by froggy at July 30, 2004 08:28 PM

Sorry, to put a comment here about your last post... but I really love the hat! How much yarn does it take? I'm going to order the book, but want to get the yarn at the same time, so I'd appreciate knowing the yardage required. Thanks! Additionally, I didn't realize the new Vogue Knitting was out... I'm going to have to buy that too. Your blog is inspiring lots of purchasing!! Hahaha! I love the stuff you make, so beautiful!

Posted by: kim at July 30, 2004 11:57 PM

Hi Froggy, I am afraid I MUST buy Vogue Knitting :-))

Posted by: Marta at July 31, 2004 07:17 AM

If you decide to knit the shawl, I have a knit-along going for it!

Posted by: Sarah ELizabeth at July 31, 2004 10:58 AM

I'm so glad your going to start Audrey again. I have a couple questions for you that I hope you can answer.
1. What size needles are you using?
2. Did you start the sleeve and if you did,what is the width of your sleeve where you cast on?
I just went down to sizes 6 and 7. I hope these work.
I LOVE Calmer!!!
Have a great weekend!

Posted by: Eilene at July 31, 2004 04:18 PM

I really like the pullover that is on the front of the Interweave Knits. And it would give me a good excuse to learn two colour knitting. Geez, another project in the wings!

I love the colour that you have chosen for Alex, very feminine.

BTW, Is there anyone out there doing the Klaralund Along from Canada? If so, is anyone having trouble finding both the book and the Silk Garden? Neither are available at the two biggest yarn shops in Toronto. Hopefully they come in before September!

Posted by: Dani at July 31, 2004 07:52 PM

I agree that there is never anything that inspiring in the UK KNitting magazine. I dont know why I keep buying it!

Posted by: kerrie at August 1, 2004 10:18 AM
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