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August 06, 2004

Thanks Alison!

Way back in February. account for trading I fell in love with a magazine that I saw over at
super eggplant. Mariko has already shown us best pics, but I just have to celebrate these great patterns again. This is the mag that started it all. My love for Japanese patterns and ever since I have been looking for this book without any success.

But thanks to Alison I can see the pics first hand! I thought this mag was no longer attainable a while back and I am sooooo grateful that Alison sent it to me.

I love the cover sweater and the flowers on the sleeveless are just fantastic.

Very cute and easy enough to follow schematics and charts.

These little numbers should be pretty easy to recreate. My mini and I have already run to Joanns for buttons for her head and wristband and I have some odds and ends that are very similar in color and texture to maybe make some scarves. And of course there will be a matching wrist and headband for her dolly.

In knitting news or need to be blocking news Alex has been sitting around in pieces for about a week. I just need to block and seam her and she'll be ready to go. Also inching for space in the blocking zone is the little pink Debbie Bliss cashmerino bag and the flower washcloth. I guess the weekend will include a lot of jumping over and maneuvering around available carpet space.

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August 03, 2004

Too hot to knit!

It's been just a scorcher lately and it hasn't help that my air conditioner decided to take a summer vacation along with everyone else. I could tell it on its way out and called to schedule a maintenance check (you know its a problem when the thermostat is set for low 70's and its in the mid to upper 80's) so I really haven't done a lot of knitting in the past week or so. Then on Friday the air just took off altogether. Guess it was trying to beat the weekend traffic. But yesterday it was repaired so now I can complain and celebrate in one post.
There is a little progress though. My washcloth has grown a few more petals. Once the batteries charge up on the camera, I'll have a bit more progress to report.

And the cable hat is coming along pretty well.

Well until this. I was pulling the thread through the last few stiches and the yarn just snapped. I was pulling pretty hard. This is the first time I have worked with tweed so I don't know if its the yarn or I just need to be more careful.
Was also able to work on Audrey. I knit about this much up twice. Once as the pattern states and another using a sub stitch and with both looking exactly the same. That'll teach me to swatch it out next time and not use the garment to experiment.

Here are the left side decreases and her are the right side decreases. I don't know about this. I think I am going to put this on a holder and knit the front working the decreases on the side. I do like the look of Becky's continuous ribs. Don't know what I will do when I get to the dart area but I guess I'll see when I get there.

And while organizing my knitting mags I found this poncho pic that I ripped out of some catalog. If anyone knows which one, just let me know and I will give credit. I think it is Nordstrom, but I am not sure. I think its an interesting spin on the poncho.

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August 02, 2004

Thanks Mindy!

I loooove mags (if you haven't noticed) and I just received one of my favorites (Japanese knitting mags)! It's rare that I even run across them, but thanks to Mindy I now have another.
click photos for close-ups

Here are a couple of my favorite sweaters.

I am lovin' the texture and sleeves on the red sweater and the oversized neck on the right sweater is too cute. There is also a bag and scarf set that is just overflowing with great colors!

And as if I needed inspiration to go back to NYC. Included was this beautiful postcard. Check it out!

Brooklyn Bridge, 1987
Photo by Genevieve Hafner

Many, many times after reading Mindy's entries, I am compelled to go the New York Times to check out the real estate and job market sections. Oh, how I miss NYC.

And wait there is more! I don't know if you've noticed but I have a thing for frogs. Mindy sent me a cd with the Frog Chorus on it. Froggy sounds that I never even realized they made. So interesting. I wish I could share a sound bite with you. While listening I couldn't help picturing these guys. A while back I went to the aquarium and saw this cute little guy

and on my most recent trip to the zoo ran into our snack buddy.

My mini and I know its time to stop for a snack break when we this little guy coming up around the bend.

Thanks, thanks, and more thanks! What a treat. As much as I appreciate the mag, post card, and the magnificent frog chorus, what I appreciate the most is the thoughtfulness behind them!

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August 01, 2004

Rowan Books

Just received my Rowan International renewal information and gift yarn with pattern. I wish it would have included the new Rowan 36. Kerrie and Anita have already received their copies and have picked out some great patterns for their to-knit list. I also can't wait to get my hands on Ribbon Twist Collection, Vintage Style and Big Just Got Bigger too!

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July 30, 2004


Just a little preview of some mags I have recently acquired. Once I got Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Number Two, these kind of fell by the wayside for a bit.

I like the off the shoulder number and I actually wanted to knit the corsage cardi (sans corsage) when I saw it in one of the Jaeger books.

click photos for close-up
And are these sweaters cute or what? I love the way the neck and shoulder colors differs from the bottom. And that coordinating scarf on the left is just sweet.

click photos for close-up
Also received the latest Knitting.

For my taste, there are not any knit worthy patterns in this issue, but it is a great mag with more to offer. I really like the articles and random bits. And it just has unusual knits like this. It's not my style, but I do a great appreciation for the skill involved in its creation. And it always has some pics that inspire me. Like this hat! It's being worn in one of the pattern pics, but I love the colors and feel inclined to knit a bucket all of a sudden. I know it's not a bucket, but ever since I finished my first bucket, I have been thinking of making one for myself. I was already planning on using denim, but I really like the look of that white stripe. Maybe I'll pick up the ecru color.

Also received the latest Interweave Knits (THIS IS YOUR LAST ISSUE). I had that mad big message cover on top of the cover. Wasn't sure about renewing, but they have a lot of valuable techniques detailed in their issues. Check out that top left hand corner, Grafting Made Easy! Reminds me of this that needs to be attached to that. Maybe I should take that as a hint. Where is that sweater anyway? Once I graft the two ruffles and the usual finishing it will be done. So close yet sooo far away.

Again not too many knits for me, but I am feeling this shawl. It's small in comparison to most shawls and I am thinking I can try out lace work on a smaller scale first. There is also this sweater. I really like the rib action going on.

I also may want to knit this tank. So I picked up the Vogue Knitting Spring Summer 04 before they are all gone.

I subscribe to these mags. My Vogue Knitting was supposed to start with the Spring/Summer issue and it didn't, so I picked that one up. I usually don't buy every issue of a knitting mag, but figured I could just subscribe and receive them all for what I am paying. And of course now that I am getting them, I am not seeing enough patterns that are "me". Figures.

A sleeve and a half later....

Well, I knitted the sleeves separately for Alex and am hoping for some inspiration to finish them. What is it with sleeves?

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July 29, 2004

Little knits

I just recently started a few little knits. First off is this hat from Jo Sharp Book Two and its humble beginning. I am using the suggested yarn Silkroad Aran Tweed in color 127 Posie.

click photos for close-up

Then there is the chenille flower washcloth from Weekend Knitting that was also featured in an issue of Interweave Knits. For some reason, one twist of the wrist became this madness but then it went quickly from ball, a pretty good color representation, to three petals fairly quickly.

click photos for close-up

and to answer a few questions from yesterday
This is what I am using for my Klaralund

click photo for close-up
It's Noro Silk Garden 84 and I just love it!

I received the little bag pattern free with the purchase of Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby yarn from Knit Happens. When I spoke to Kristine last night, they had many Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Hand Knitting Collection: Book Number Two copies in stock.(is that title long enough for you?) They carry Noro Silk Garden among many other yarns that could be used for Klaralund. And they are not currently taking online orders, but yeah baby they SHIP!
Contact the shop for more details.

Here are yarn amounts and gauge for Klaralund
16sts/22rows per 4"/10cm in St st

I've updated my side bar with some Klaralund-Along info, as well as the great news of the DC area kick off. And if you live outside the DC area, why not meet up with other Klaralund-Alongers near you.
(boy did that sound like a commercial or what?)

Sooooo, I've got the yarn, got the pattern, now I just need to get gauge!
Get, get it together
Get, get it together forever and ever
to the tune of Keep It Together - Madonna
Don't deny it. You know you know the tune.
You just can't stop some tunes from popping into your head, lol. Music's really funny sometimes, you know tunes and lyrics whether you want to or not.

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July 28, 2004


Klaralund Pattern from Cornelia Tuttle Hamilton Book Number Two
You knew it was coming. How can you resist?
Noro Silk Garden, fabulous pattern.
You know you wanna.
Join us. It officially starts in September.
Wendy and I are co-hosting. I have some silk garden that is just waiting to become Klaralund.

In other knits, I am working on this Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Baby Mystery Bag. Why a mystery? Well, I was in Knit Happens and picked up a couple of balls of Cashmerino Baby and Kristine handed me a free pattern that she thought my mini would like. It sounded so cute.
Eyelets and picot bind-off. How could I resist?
I must say it's been so great to just knit. Without a pattern pic to check, it's really been surprisingly nice. I think I must obsess over details in checking and rechecking 'cause it's been a very relaxing knit and I think it is more about not knowing than the pattern.
I really like how the bottom is working out.

I know it doesn't look like much, but when you don't know what going to knit up in your hands, it's quite cool. I have never worked a picot cast off. I think a bit of blocking is what it needs. The above pic is the best color representation of the yarn, but here is my progress so far. It's amazing how sometimes you are one flash away from turning a pink knit into a red one. I'll have to take another photo that really captures the details. There is actually a really nice pattern going on at the top and bottom of the bag. If I had known what it looked like I probably would have stressed about it and made a mistake. Now the true test is to take it to Kristine and see if it remotely resembles the actual bag, lol!

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